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Home Bowling Alleys

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on 15.11.11
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As the popularity of bowling increases, so does the popularity of custom home bowling alleys. According to research done by the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA), bowling is the number one participatory sport in America. It beats out basketball, golf, billiards, and aerobics. According toIn-home bowling alley equipment installation the BPAA’s Executive Director, “…there is no sport more inclusive, welcoming and fun and that has an appeal that spans all ages, backgrounds and genders.” It is because of those reasons that many bowling enthusiasts are installing bowling alley in their homes.

Fusion Bowling specializes in the sale and installation of in-home bowling alleys both in the US and around the world. The ideal location for bowling alley equipment in the home is in the basement or on the ground floor. However, depending on the house’s structural engineering, the bowling equipment can also be installed on the upper floors. We work with the homeowner, architect, and contractor throughout the construction period, as well as during the initial planning and design stages, to ensure successful installation of the bowling equipment. The typical components included in our home bowling equipment packages are full-size regulation bowling lanes, reconditioned used Brunswick automatic pinsetter machines, computer scoring system with overhead LCD display monitors, under-lane ball return system, and all the necessary accessories such as house balls and bowling shoes of assorted sizes for guests. The prices of home bowling alleys vary greatly depending on location, types of equipment, optional upgrades, and other factors. enthusiasts areInstallation of home bowling alley lanes in game room installing bowling alleys in their homes.

Contact Fusion Bowling today for a no-hassle price quote or to simply ask a few questions. We are happy to help! Call 904-701-BOWL (2695) or email to take the first step toward installing a bowling alley in your home.