Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys

Why choose Fusion Bowling?

  • Fusion Bowling is the only company in the world that focuses solely on home, amenity, and private bowling alley installations.
  • Fusion Bowling has been selected by the industry’s leading manufacturer Brunswick as its preferred partner for residential bowling projects.
  • Fusion Bowling is a small company, and we like it that way. Our small crew and production scale allows us to keep a tight rein on quality control.
  • Fusion Bowling selects each component of our bowling alley equipment packages with an eye toward high quality, reliability, and ease-of-use… it must be appropriate for the residential environment where a full-time bowling mechanic is not on duty.
  • Fusion Bowling loves making each project unique. Our customers appreciate our ability to customize their bowling alley to coordinate with their style, colors, lighting, and interior design.

Who are Fusion Bowling’s customers?

Many of our customers share common characteristics
  • Homeowners (executives, pro athletes, and folks who just love to bowl and entertain guests)
  • Corporate campuses, multifamily & resort developers, and organizations for whom a bowling alley amenity would supplement their broader strategy.
  • People who need only a small number of lanes (typically four or less). Around 90% of our customers request two lanes.
  • People who have a non-traditional vision about customization and need the “wow factor”. People for whom the bland, cookie-cutter style of traditional bowling centers is insufficient.
  • High-profile celebrities and other VIPs who need to work with companies accustomed to maintaining anonymity and respecting privacy.
  • People who are not experts in the bowling equipment business: architects, builders, and property owners who need a company that will patiently walk them through the process. Roughly 0% of our customers have experience purchasing a bowling alley before working with us. Thus, it’s par for the course to hold our customer’s hand and take the time to coordinate among subcontractors and designers.
  • People not willing to compromise… builders not willing to risk their reputation with a very demanding clientele, and property owners who want the best product and service possible, period.

Who are Fusion Bowling’s founders?

Ryan Claxton
Ryan handles the administrative side of Fusion Bowling: accounting, marketing, finance, taking out the garbage, etc. He graduated at the top of his class with an Engineering degree from the University of Florida, then earned a Certificate of Graduate Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary, and later earned a Master of Business Administration from the University of Florida with a 4.0 GPA. Ryan has worked for engineering firms and spent nearly a decade in commercial real estate development before joining his brother Matt to start Fusion Bowling. Words of wisdom: Hire intelligent people who have a great attitude, and then train them to do anything. Philosophy: A commitment to “doing the right thing” is a commitment to short-term inconveniences and long-term peace of mind. Ryan enjoys building Lego spaceships with his two sons.
Matthew Claxton

Matt has been tinkering with, and crawling over and under bowling pinsetter machines since his dad built a 20-lane commercial bowling center when Matt was nine years old. After graduating with Honors from ITT Technical Institute with a degree in Electronics Engineering, Matt worked for a large corporation installing high-tech surveillance and security equipment for a few years. He has been building a wealth of knowledge in the bowling industry and installing bowling alley equipment since the late 1900s! It’s not uncommon for manufacturers of automatic scoring systems to consult Matt on their new product designs. Matt’s desire to install things perfectly is one step away from an obsessive compulsion. He gets his biggest thrills from watching customers smile when they see his finished work.