Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys


How much does a custom home bowling alley cost?
When it comes to price, we don’t like surprises. And we’re pretty sure you don’t either! That’s why we publish our pricing for the world to see. Below is a comparison of the average prices for our bowling equipment packages. The price for your specific project could vary somewhat depending on ease of building access (lack of double doors and wide pathway), foundation configuration, special installation equipment requirements, basement versus ground floor access, electricity type (single- or three-phase), and distance from our warehouse.

Go to our Request Info form, or email your floor plans to to request a detailed price quote, or give us a call at 904-701-BOWL even if you just need to ask a few questions. We are always happy to help.

Plain Jane

Includes only the standard essential equipment with no customization.

Mr. Popular

Most typical configuration. Best selling package for home & amenity settings.

Old School

Custom restored vintage equipment for a nostalgic look. (Availability of products varies.)

Rock Star

Make a big impression with maximum pizzazz. Knock the socks off your bowlers!
1 lane...........................................$90,900$123,900$120,900$160,900
2 lanes..........................................$124,900$156,900$151,900$199,900
4 lanes..........................................$218,900$269,900$263,900$333,900
Unlimited consultation with owner, builder, architect, and pertinent trades.
Pre-installation site visits to monitor construction progress.
All freight costs and equipment handling.
Installation labor by expert craftsmen and technicians.
Safety and operations training session.
Brand new, state-of-the-art Brunswick GS-X pinsetter machines. Highest FPS (frames-per-stop) rating in the industry = maximum reliability.
Safety beam shuts down pinsetter when person moves close to pins.
Commercial pinsetter masking unit (panel mounted above pins).Stock images onlyStock images onlyRestored vintage unitChoice of stock or custom images
Electric retractable 11-foot video projection screen (integrated into pinsetter masking unit frame) and HD high-lumens commercial video projector.
Pro Lane premium commercial-grade synthetic lane (lifetime warranty).
Anvilane commercial-grade synthetic lane.
Lane color: Choose from dozens of unique woodgrains, abstract patterns, faux stones, or solid colors.Basic “butcher block” pattern onlyCustom full-color original artwork
Glow-in-the-dark lane capability: lanes fluoresce under UV light.Custom glow graphics
Custom logo on each lane or approach.Single-color logoMulti-color logo
Custom (non-rectangular) approach shape.Straight, angular shapes onlyChoice of curved or angular shapes
Pop-up gutter bumper guard rails for children and disabled bowlers.ManualManualAutomated
Capping (trim piece along top edge of gutters).Standard color, non-glowStandard color, glow capableStandard color, non-glowCustom color
Computerized scoring system with user-friendly interface.Custom graphics
Ball speedometer, "Pin Cam" instant replay, bowler stats and graphs.
Overhead LED scoring display TVs (1 per lane).32”46”46”55”
User-friendly hard-wired keypad console.Choice of wireless or hard-wired
"Bowler Cam" for instant replay of ball release.
Additional overhead TV (per lane pair) for sports/entertainment viewing.
Pin lighting.White light onlyDual mode: white or UVWhite light onlyProgrammable multi-color + UV
"Glow" lighting via high-output ultraviolet LED bar fixtures.
Standard DJ lighting package: multi-color pulse lights and mirror ball effects.
Enhanced DJ lighting package: adds shape-shifting lasers and ripple effects.
Programmable LED accent lighting in division capping.
Programmable LED accent lighting along gutters.
Ball return hood & rack.Standard color, single-tier rackStandard color, double-tier rackRestored vintage unitCustom color, double-tier rack
32 pairs guest bowling shoes in assorted sizes.Value style, synthetic uppersHybrid style, standard leatherHybrid style, standard leatherPremium full-grain leather
20 custom guest bowling balls in assorted weights. Choice of unique color swirl, finish, pearlization, and custom logo.Standard, non-customized
Bowling pins.Standard, whiteCustom logoCustom logoCustom pin color, striping color, and logo
Portable ball launch ramp for children and disabled bowlers.Standard metalStandard metalDragon neon glow ramp
Lane maintenance kit: lane cleaning & conditioning fluids, lane & approach dusting devices, gutter mops, shoe disinfectant, etc.
Kegel automatic lane cleaning and conditioning machine.