Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys


How much does a custom home bowling alley cost?
Below, you will find a comparison of price ranges for our four bowling equipment packages. Prices vary depending on ease of accessibility into the building, foundation configuration, special installation tool requirements, basement or upper level vs. ground floor installation, and distance from our warehouse. “Old School” pricing will vary more due to ever-changing availability of vintage equipment and the unique nature of each restoration project.

Go to our Request Info form, or email your floor plans to to request a detailed price quote, or give us a call at 904-701-BOWL even if you just need to ask a few questions. We are always happy to help.

Bare Bones

Includes only the basic essentials. BYOB... Bring Your Own Ball (and other items).

Mr. Popular

Most typical configuration. Best selling package for home & amenity settings.

Old School

Custom restored vintage equipment for a nostalgic look. (Availability of products varies.)

Rock Star

Make a big impression with maximum pizzazz. Knock the socks off your bowlers!
1 lane...........................................$70k—$77k$92k—$99k$79k—$93k$114k—$123k
2 lanes..........................................$106K—$116k$138k—$148k$119k—$139k$170k—$184k
3 lanes..........................................$176k—$193k$230k—$247k$199k—$232k$269k—$307k
4 lanes..........................................$201k—220k$262k—281k$236k—264k$324k—350k
Plan review and unlimited consultation with architect, builder, and owner/manager
Pre-installation site visits to inspect equipment accessibility, concrete slab, electrical rough-in, etc
Shipping and handling fees included
Installation labor by expert carpentry, mechanical, and electronics technicians
Post-installation on-site safety and operations training session
Wooden under-lane structure, built on-site, including highest-quality Brunswick proprietary LSL lane underlayment
Brunswick Pro Lane™ synthetic bowling lanes with lifetime warranty, installed to USBC standards, leveled to thousandths of an inchBrunswick Anvilane
(5-yr warranty)
ColorFull™ lane option: Choice of many custom wood grains and stone effects, or abstract patterns.Standard maple color only
Transform™ lane graphics option: Custom designed glow images visible only under UV black lighting (layered on ColorFull™ lane option)
Ultimate™ lane graphics option: Custom designed full-color lane images (in lieu of ColorFull™ lane option)
Infrared foul detection system with audible and visual alerts
Restored vintage wooden capping with custom staining or paint
Automated pop-up gutter bumper guard railsManual,
Down-lane LED color-coordinated accent lighting
New, state-of-the-art Brunswick GS-X pinsetter machines
Manufacturer warranty and technical support
Simplified self-diagnostics and easy-to-read LCD display
Save energy and money - system runs on three-phase power and requires only one power source per two pinsetters
Tuition to Brunswick GS-X pinsetter training school
Safety guard panels for residential environments
Brunswick vintage A-2 pinsetter, completely rebuilt piece by piece and restored to a like-new condition with many upgrades
Custom rake board color with optional logo or custom graphics
Automatic scoring system by ComputerScore includes ball speedometer and pin action replay
46" ceiling-mounted scoring display TV with HDMI interface (1 per lane)
Low-profile ceiling mounting bracket for TVs & scoring modules
Wireless scoring keyboard consolePedestal-mounted, wired
Restored vintage scorer′s table, custom paint scheme
Additional ceiling-mounted TV (per lane pair) for entertainment and sports viewing
Ceiling-mounted rear camera for "bowler form" view
Under-lane ball return system with 12-ball rack
Premium pins in choice of custom color and logoNon-custom, standard style
Glow Package: includes black lighting, glow lanes, glow pins, dancing lasers, multi-color spotlights.
Commercial pinsetter masking unit with custom image (graphic panel above pins)Stock Imagery Only
Restored vintage pinsetter masking unit retrofitted with LED "pindicator" lighting, custom paint scheme
Restored vintage overlane ball return riser & rack, custom paint scheme
Portable ball launch ramp (for children/handicapped)
Lane maintenance kit: conditioner applicator, manual lane dusting apparatus, cleaning fluid, gutter mops
32 pairs Premium full-grain leather bowling shoes for guests, commercial rental-style, assorted sizesNon-Premium, Standard StyleNon-Premium, Standard Style
20 guest bowling balls, pre-drilled, assorted weights. Choice of custom color, finish, pearlization, logo.
Secondary lower tier ball rack for extra storage
Electric retractable 11-foot TV projection screen, mounted above pins
Ceiling-mounted high-lumens HD projector.
Fusion Bowling has the ability to subcontract and/or is an authorized provider of other less common “extras”…
Kegel automatic lane conditioning machinesAsk for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.
Custom fiberglass masking unit sculpturesAsk for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.
Custom fiberglass ball return cover sculpturesAsk for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.
Video walls - tightly tiled arrays of multiple LED TV displays with super thin bezels that together provide one giant screenAsk for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.
Automotive quality custom paint work on capping and ball return coversAsk for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.
Guest bowling ball storage racks with custom color table tops and custom logosAsk for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.Ask for details.