Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys

Bowling Alley Pre-Construction Guide

Please download our free bowling alley pre-construction guide.

This document was written to help architects, contractors, and owners with planning and design considerations related to bowling alley construction. Many of the same planning problems, questions, and issues occur with nearly all bowling alley construction projects. If the recommendations and issues outlined in this guide are considered carefully, you will be well on your way to the successful construction of your bowling alley.

If you don’t need to read through the entire guide right now, you also have the option of downloading our bowling lane dimensions technical drawings by themselves.

The venues for most of the bowling alleys constructed by Fusion Bowling include single-family homes, multi-family amenities, resorts, private clubs, colleges, religious organizations, and typically comprise one to eight lanes. Although this guide is NOT specifically written for large commercial bowling centers, many of the same principles will apply.

Topics covered include:
Space planning Space adjacency
Installation access Ceiling configuration
Foundation Lighting
Acoustics Electrical power
Conduits/raceways for low voltage cables Storage
Maintenance access Planning for upgrades