Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys

Bowling Alley Design Tips

  • Providing adequate space for installation, including preparing the foundation properly and having
    the correct ceiling height is critical. The bowling equipment has to be able to fit the space properly.
    Any construction modifications made after the fact can be costly.
  • Choose the concrete foundation plan that suits you best. Keep in mind the bowling lanes are
    constructed on a raised platform, which may reduce ceiling height if the proper foundation is not used.
  • Accessibility for bringing the equipment into the installation area is important. Ensure there is an
    opening or doorway to allow the larger items to be brought inside. If there is a stairwell, elevator
    shaft, balcony, or other means of entrance, it is very important to consult with Fusion Bowling to
    determine the best method to use.
  • Consider the overall layout and possibility of having an entire “themed” room. The sky is the
    limit. Let your imagination run wild. It’s your bowling alley so make it Yours! As new features are
    developed by our manufacturers, we will showcase them.
  • Select coordinating colors and graphics to complement the room decor. Fusion Bowling can work
    with you or the designer to assist with the selection of the many different choices.
  • Use a lighting plan that will set the mood for the room. Consider using white fluorescent lights over
    the lanes for an even light distribution. Incandescent lighting on a dimmer works well over the seating
    area. If you are going to use black lighting, be sure to include enough of them to cover the entire
    bowling area.
  • Select the equipment options that you would like to have installed. If you want something
    high-class but don’t necessarily want all the features (i.e. no automatic scoring), Fusion Bowling can
    customize the installation to fit your needs.
  • Choose a location for the flat screen score displays – wall mount, ceiling mount, or console mount,
    including any extra TV’s. The ceiling is the preferred location but is not always possible. Side
    wall-mounting is the best option for lower ceilings. Be sure to install conduit for the signal cables and
    power wherever you decide to place the flat screens.
  • Use your own furniture and customize the seating area to fit your tastes. In most residential cases,
    Fusion Bowling leaves the furniture selection up to the customer but we can help you decide what may
    work best.
  • Ensure the correct electrical plan for the type of equipment package selected. Different options
    may require different electrical plans. There may be some minor changes depending on what options
    you decide to use.
  • Constructing a half-wall can be used to divide larger rooms with a bowling alley. Be cautious when
    using glass walls/dividers near the playing areas due to possible accidental damage from bowling balls.