Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I purchase additional accessories such as extra bowling balls or shoes?
    A: Absolutely. Just let us know how many, and we will adjust the price accordingly.
  • How long does it take to install the equipment?
    A: Every job is different, but a typical two-lane installation takes about two weeks.
  • Can I have my bowling alley installed on a 2nd floor or higher?
    A: Yes, provided that the structure is built to withstand the overall weight and vibration generated by the bowling equipment. Fusion Bowling requires proof of load capacity by a licensed engineer or architect in most cases. A crane may need to be used to lift the pinsetter machines and other equipment into place on an upper floor. The architect and construction manager need plan out in detail with Fusion Bowling where and how the pinsetter machines will enter the building.
  • How much maintenance is needed? Who services the equipment?
    A: Automatic pinsetter machines are somewhat analogous to cars, in that they are large complex machines that need to be properly maintained and periodically serviced. Because we are a small company, and we install bowling alleys all over the country, we cannot provide on-going maintenance for the bowling alleys we install. However, we do recognize that, unlike commercial bowling centers, our customers do not have full-time bowling mechanics on staff. Thus, we choose to provide the best, most reliable equipment, with the residential environment in mind. We also assist each customer in establishing a relationship with a nearby bowling mechanic who is familiar with Brunswick pinsetters.
  • Who will teach me how to operate the equipment once it is installed?
    A: Fusion Bowling provides a one-on-one training session with the appropriate party that will be directly involved with the bowling equipment.
  • Does the bowling alley need to be climate controlled?
    A: Yes. It is critical that the equipment not be subjected to extreme temperatures, temperature changes, dust, or moisture.
  • I already have a bowling alley — can you upgrade it? Will you sell me parts?
    A: No. While selling parts and doing upgrade projects is certainly a necessary business, it's simply one that we are not in. We only provide newly installed, complete bowling alley packages.
  • Can I buy the equipment from Fusion Bowling and install it myself?
    A: No. We only provide turn-key services, meaning we customize, sell, and install every project, without exception. There are other companies willing to make a quick profit by dumping a load of equipment on an ambitious do-it-yourselfer. But what they don't tell you is proper bowling alley installation requires a lot of specialized equipment and years of training to do it right. We like to do it right. And we like to slowly build on our excellent reputation with each finished project.
  • How much extra do you charge for shipping costs and installation labor?
    A: Zero. Our prices are all inclusive, which means we do not charge extra for shipping, handling, accessories, labor, travel, design consultation, etc. We try to keep things simple, and don't like the idea of surprising customers with additional charges.
  • What is the minimum length required for a bowling alley?
    A: 87 feet is the minimum amount of length needed to install a regulation bowling alley. This distance includes a 16' approach, 60' bowling lane, 3' pin deck, 5' pinsetter machine, and a 3' wide walking aisle behind the pinsetter machine. A 10' to 15' long seating area is usually positioned in front of the approach, which would bring the total length to approximately 100'. However, the seating area could be positioned on the side of the approach. This configuration is not ideal since it does not allow the viewers to get a clear view straight down the lane. However, if your building simply doesn't have unlimited length, this is a solution that will keep the length to 87'.
  • Can Fusion Bowling provide equipment for duckpin, candlepin, 5-pin, or string pin bowling alleys?
    A: No. We sell only standard commercial tenpin bowling equipment.