Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys


Installation labor, supplies, and materials are included in the price of every bowling alley package we sell.

Lodging, travel, and meals for the installation crew are also included in Fusion Bowling’s pricing. We take great pride and pay close attention to detail with installation work. A good installation makes for a great product. Great products make happy customers.

You can begin researching the bowling alley installation process on your own by downloading our free bowling alley pre-construction guide PDF or our free bowling lane dimensions technical drawings.

Our installers are factory-trained and have years of experience with many different types of equipment. The installation time depends on several location- and design-specific factors, the most important of which is the number of lanes to be installed. Every project we deliver is different and has different circumstances. Check out some of our past work in the Featured Projects photo gallery.

Installation work includes the following stages:

  • Loading & Shipping

  • Under-lane ball return track and ball lift device

  • Pinsetting machines

  • Gutters, capping, and foul detection system

  • Masking Unit & Graphics

  • Under-lane structural wood framework

  • Lane, pin deck, and approach

  • Ball return hoods and racks

  • Automatic scoring cameras, keypad consoles, and TV displays

  • Low-voltage connection

Warranty Service

Bottom Line – We stand behind the bowling alley equipment we sell and install. We want total customer satisfaction! Fusion Bowling offers a one-year warranty that covers the cost of parts replacement on any product sold by us. Many new items will also have a manufacturer’s warranty of three years or more.