Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys

Equipment Sales

There are many parts and components that make up a fully-functional bowling facility, no matter how many or how few lanes there are. The basic equipment is similar for all bowling installations but there are some options that should be brought to our customer’s attention when deciding what type of equipment is best suited for them. Below is a general description of the items that are included as standard or as an upgrade.
We can also offer vintage equipment, based on availability.

Bowling Lanes

  • Synthetic Lanes

    - Standard in all of our equipment packages. They are the most common type of lanes used today in the sport of bowling. The surface is easily maintained and is very consistent when conditioned properly. The long-term cost of having synthetic lanes is relatively low, which is why we include them as a standard item for our customers. The less maintenance, the better.

    Fusion Bowling offers many custom lane colors to match the unique interior decor of each of our customers. Select from a variety of wood grain stain effects and faux stone finishes, as well as abstract patterns and solid colors.

Pinsetting Machines

  • The Brunswick A-2 Pinsetter

    - The workhorse of the bowling industry. Many new bowling centers are opening their doors using these reclaimed machines. Fusion Bowling prefers to offer this Brunswick machine in all of the equipment packages because of its tried-and-true reliability. It's heavy-duty design is almost purely mechanical, as opposed to the late model machines which rely more on electronics and are not as durable. Our A-2 machines are meticulously rebuilt from the ground up by disassembling, cleaning, repairing, painting, reassembling, and inspecting using many new parts - new motors, updated electrical systems, belts, rubber parts, and sound dampening parts are installed to maximize the life, reliability, and performance of the machines for many years to come. Our rebuilt machines are the best in the industry!

Automatic Scoring

  • Basic Scoring System

    - Nothing much more than an electronic bowling calculator. Enter your name, throw the ball, it adds the scores – pretty simple. Complete with LCD flat screen displays for the console, overhead, or both. Operates in standard format or league format with all of the necessary functions to make changes & corrections without complex buttons and menus.
  • DUO Automatic Scoring System

    - New, Windows-based system that includes animated graphics, ball speed, instant replay, and simple on-screen instructions & settings. Features a low-profile keypad available with a wired or wireless option, with or without pedestal mount.
  • Basic Scoring System

    - LCD Flat Screen Displays – The standard size provided is 32”. We stick with the brand names (Sony, Samsung, and LG) and can offer specific model matching to allow for easy integration. Any size display can be supplied, as well as LED flat screens as a nominal upgrade.

Lane Components

  • Ball Return System

    - An under-floor track system consisting of the parts needed to get the ball back to the bowler. This is a key piece of the bowling equipment and is included in every package. The ball return hood and rack holds up to 12 bowling balls. An optional lower rack is available for added storage for 6 more balls.
  • Bumper Bowling

    - Standard in all equipment packages. What fun would it be for a child to throw a gutterball every time? The pop-up bumper rails prevent that from happening. Think of it as ‘training wheels on a bowling lane’. Rails hide away into the gutters when not in use. They can be raised and lowered manually. The optional automatic feature will raise and lower the rails with the press of a button, or can be integrated into the DUO automatic scoring system to raise or lower for each bowler accordingly.
  • Gutter Capping

    - Easily removes without tools to quickly gain access to the underlane ball return system for maintenance. Narrow division capping has the option for a down-lane lighting system.
  • Foul Detection System

    - An infra-red unit that senses a bowler’s foot crossing the foul line. This is standard for all equipment packages because it is a requirement in order to comply with USBC standards. Using this system while bowling is optional and it can be turned off if desired. Foul unit interfaces to the automatic scoring system for accurate scoring rules.
  • Masking Unit / Graphics

    - As a major visual part of the equipment, these graphics at the end of the bowling lanes will enhance the overall look of the entire room. It is the customer’s choice whether to use a graphic or another idea. Basically, without a masking unit a blank wall can be used and decorated in any way imaginable. 3D sculptures, projection screens, super-sized flatscreen TVs, custom artwork are just a few examples of what can be done.


  • Bowling Balls

    - A set of 12 bowling balls is included as part of every equipment package. These are standard “house” balls of various weights for adults and children. Each ball comes pre-drilled with a finger hole pattern that corresponds to the weight. The standard available weights range from 6 lbs. to 15 lbs. Special 4 & 5 lb. balls for small children are available as an option.
  • Bowling Pins

    - Two complete sets of (10) pins are supplied for each bowling lane along with one extra set. Neon colored pins are available as an option.
  • Bowling Shoes

    - 30 pairs of standard “house” shoes are included. Premium shoes are available as an upgrade.  They are available in various sizes for men, women, and children. It is the customer’s choice on sizes of their preference.
  • Glow Bowl Package

    - Optional upgrade available for any equipment package. This will take your regular bowling alley to a whole new level. Everything glows under black light- lanes, pins, balls, and shoes! The LED disco lighting and down-lane lighting makes for an experience like no other.
  • Bowling Ramps

    - Originally designed for handicapped bowlers, these ramps have become quite popular for children as well. New ‘kiddie” dragon ramps are now available.
  • Bowling Ball Storage Racks

    - Choose from two styles- free-standing rack or lower ball return rack to keep all of your bowling balls organized. Most racks hold up to 18 balls.
    Additional accessories are available for any equipment package. Just specify when ordering.