Custom residential & amenity bowling alleys


Matt Claxton was responsible for the entire installation of my two lanes which are now in operation for several years. Matt was always available by phone to patiently answer all of my questions, and came out to California multiple times to make sure that everything was in order. I’ve been very happy with my installation and operation. Thank you!

Dan Romanelli, homeowner, Malibu, California

Installing bowling allies in a private home is always a challenge, Matt and his staff completed the installation and provided all the information needed to the other contractors in a way that made it easy for the installation to go smoothly… They are the best.

Warren Lovell, homeowner, Ocala, Florida

Fusion Bowling was already contracted on a project we took over. I was really impressed with the product, workmanship and professionalism of this company. Great Oaks General Contractors would highly recommend them to any of our future customers.

Kurt Johnson, Great Oaks General Contracting, Inverness, Florida

Fusion Bowling provided an outstanding service for one of my most recent projects. Ryan, my contact at Fusion, is extremely knowledgeable from design to installation of the in home bowling facility his company provided as part of my interior design project. I highly recommend Fusion Bowling for any level of in home custom bowling design. I look forward to working with them again.

Michael Glazer, Regency Interior Design LLC, Orlando, Florida

Fusion Bowling was hired by me for the installation of a private custom one-of-a-kind bowling lane. With their relationship with Brunswick — the only red light / red lane ever made… worth every dime. If you ever need a private bowling alley like I did, they get it done.

Lou Bermudez, Operations Manager for Young Money Entertainment, Miami, Florida

I had never put a bowling alley in a house before, and so when I was looking for a company to provide that service, I met with Matt at Fusion Bowling. Matt and his team provided all the information that I would need and made sure that I knew every detail of what I needed to do to make sure the job went smooth, they made visits to the site and numerous phone calls to me to confirm all openings and placement of all sleeving needed for wiring and made the job a huge success and a very happy client. I highly recommend Fusion for anyone looking to have a bowling alley installed, for the simple fact that the attention to detail and the communication provided from Matt and his team made the job as simple as possible.

Greg Givans, President, Triton Builders Inc., Reunion, Florida

Email from equipment seller… Ryan, I just want to say what a great job Titus and his helper (who’s name I can’t remember right now) did last week here removing those pinsetters. They worked hard and fast and got those things out in a hurry. I enjoyed getting to talk with them for a few minutes and I was very impressed how well they knew their stuff. It has been a pleasure working with you and your team.

Anthony Collins, Director of Student Activities, Hyles-Anderson College, Crown Point, Indiana

Great company to work with. Getting the equipment down the areaway was a challenge, the whole process was very organized and the project went as planned. [Fusion Bowling’s] employees were very professional and great to work with.

Mike Mott, Construction Manager, Mike Garcia Construction, Woodbridge, Virginia

Fusion Bowling’s installation team made themselves available for any trouble shooting problems we had with the newly installed machine. At one point we had a guest with children to play on the new machine. Fusion bowling came to the facility to do a follow up on the bowling alley to make sure everything was operating properly after installation. This exemplified excellent customer service.

Jerome Forrest, Facilities Manager for celebrity client

The entire process was enjoyable. The pre-install guide was very helpful to get the site ready. We designed the whole house around the bowling alley and the homeowners couldn’t be happier. Fusion Bowling is one of the easiest subcontractors to work with.

Matt Garcia, Estimator for Mike Garcia Construction, Woodbridge, Virginia