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Color Selections

Create a unique bowling alley that's unlike any other — one that matches your unique style and coordinates perfectly with the interior design of the room.

1. Bowling Lane Colors

Fusion Bowling offers three levels of bowling lane customization, all made of the same material — Brunswick's Anvilane™ product. They are a rock-hard synthetic high-pressure laminate, engineered to last for decades in an abusive commercial environment without ever needing to be resurfaced and refinished.

Standard Lanes

The standard off-the-shelf color for bowling lanes is "Butcher Block". It is a light wood color, similar to maple, and is commonly seen in Brunswick commercial bowling centers around the world. The background woodgrain pattern changes at every board line, which mimics the way traditional wood lanes were constructed with individual thin boards in decades past.

ColorFull™ Lanes

Bowling lanes with ColorFull™ color patterns are custom, one-off productions, made for each individual project. This is the most popular level of lane customization among Fusion Bowling's customers. It's the most effective way to instantly change the overall look of the bowling alley itself, and the room in general. Click on an image below to download a high-resolution PDF swatch.

Afternoon Nap
Afternoon Showers
Amber Curly Maple
Backwoods Sycamore
Beige Renaissance
Bohemian Edge
Calcutta Marble
Caluna Cherry
Cognac Birdseye
Crackle Crunch
Dining By Candlelight
Illustrious Maple
Looks Likatre
Man on Moon
Mid Mod Walnut
Outer Limits
Peach Cobbler
Planetree Maple
Rock Around the Clock
Smokey Skies
Straightaway Oak
Toasted Coconut
Wedding Cake

ColorFull™ Lanes + Transform™ UV Graphics

Add custom UV artwork to the lanes that is invisible under normal white lighting, but will fluoresce under ultraviolet "black" lighting. Customers have added flames (see below), stars & planets, fireworks, logos — whatever cool graphics you can think of. How about some cursive writing, lightning, bubbles, or waves? Classy in the day time, party mode at night time!

2. Trim

Select the color scheme of the capping, gutters, touch screen pedestal, and the ball return.



3. Bowling Balls

The homeowners usually obtain their own custom-fit high-performance bowling balls. The bowling balls that Fusion Bowling provides are "house balls" meant to be used by guests who arrive without their own bowling equipment. They are pre-drilled with holes that get bigger as the weight increases.

Standard Balls

Standard balls include a billiards theme and an assortment of neon balls. Standard balls are bought "off the shelf" and come with the manufacturer's logo.

Neon Assortment

Billiards Theme

Custom Bowling Balls

Custom balls add an extra touch of uniqueness and serve as an interior design accent color for the room, as each ball in the order will have the same design. Choose one color, or a swirl of two or three colors within each ball. Choose whether the color is pearlized or opaque. Choose a custom logo.

4. Bowling pins

Standard Pins

Standard off-the-shelf bowling pins are white and have the manufacturer's logo and striping.

Custom pins

Create your pin design for an extra touch of uniqueness. Choose from white, black, royal blue, powder blue, red, pink, neon green, neon, orange, neon magenta, or neon yellow. Choose the neck striping design and a custom logo.

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