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Fusion Bowling offers many levels of customization to every part of your custom bowling alley project. Find the various options we offer below.

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Fusion Bowling offers two levels of bowling lane customization, both made of the same material — Brunswick's Anvilane™ product. They are a rock-hard synthetic high-pressure laminate, engineered to last for decades in an abusive commercial environment without ever needing to be resurfaced and refinished.

Standard lanes

The standard off-the-shelf color for bowling lanes is "Butcher Block". It is a light wood color, similar to maple, and is commonly seen in Brunswick commercial bowling centers around the world. The background woodgrain pattern changes at every board line, which mimics the way traditional wood lanes were constructed with individual thin boards in decades past.

bowling lane color

ColorFull™ Lanes

Bowling lanes with ColorFull™ color patterns are custom, one-off productions, made for each individual project. This is the most popular level of lane customization among Fusion Bowling's customers. It's the most effective way to instantly change the overall look of the bowling alley itself, and the room in general. Click on an image below to download a high-resolution PDF swatch.



Select the color scheme of the capping, gutters, touch screen pedestal, and the ball return.


chrome finishes


black finishes


The homeowners often obtain their own custom-fit high-performance bowling balls from their local pro shop. The bowling balls that Fusion Bowling provides are "house balls" meant to be used by guests who didn't bring their own bowling equipment. They are pre-drilled with holes that get bigger as the weight increases.

Standard Balls

Brunswick's MyBall™ urethane house balls in an assortment of "cosmic" pearlized neon colors with engraved weights and manufacturer's logos.

Cosmic Neon Assortment

bowling balls

Custom Bowling Balls

Custom balls add an extra touch of uniqueness and serve as an interior design accent color for the room, as each ball in the order will have the same design, and may include a custom logo or monogram. Choose any color, but be aware that, unlike wall paints, the color-matching process for balls is performed by hand, and is, therefore, inexact.

bowling balls
bowling balls
Matching color bowling balls
Bowling Balls


Standard Pins

Standard "off-the-shelf" bowling pins are white and have the manufacturer's logos.

Standard Bowling Pins

Custom Pins

Create your own pin design for an extra touch of uniqueness. Choose the body color, neck striping design and color, and add a custom logo.

White  bowling pin
Red bowling pin
Royal blue bowling pin
Royal Blue
Peach bowling pin
Powder blue  bowling pin
Powder Blue
Neon Magenta bowling pin
Neon Magenta
Neon yellow bowling pin
Neon Yellow
Neon orange bowling pin
Neon Orange
Neon green bowling pin
Neon Green
How long should the room be?

A regulation bowling alley requires about 89 feet of length for the equipment itself (approach + lane + pinsetter + service aisle). If you want a nice size seating area in front of the lanes, tack on another 11 feet, which means your room needs to be about 100 feet long.

My room isn't quite long enough. Can you install slightly shorter lanes that are non-regulation length?


My room is only about 50 or 60 feet long. How short is "too short" for bowling lanes?

That's purely a matter of individual taste. It's a little like asking how low we can install a basketball goal and it still be fun? If your bowlers will be mostly kids or people who haven't bowled much, they might not mind extremely shortened lanes. But, serious league and tournament bowlers won't like a non-regulation size.

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