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We create the coolest home bowling alleys on the planet. Most of our customers like bowling, of course, but they aren't necessarily experts in bowling alley equipment installation. So for each project, we program in ample time for answering questions and guiding the builder, architect, interior designer, and homeowner through the process. General contractors love us, and often say "You guys are one of the easiest subcontractors to work with!"

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Laser Focus: Private Bowling Alleys

We do small, private projects (1 to 4 lanes) — this is our laser focus. We pick a handful of customers to work with each year, usually in homes, multifamily clubhouse amenities, and recreation barns. Smaller projects allow us to remain nimble, working all over the country, and keeping a tight reign on quality control. It's important to stay on top of every detail of every project because the high-end builders we work for demand perfection.

Project Portfolio

We've installed hundreds of amazing private bowling lanes around the country. Check out some of the photo albums. Get design inspiration and learn about each project's specifics, including cool before-and-after construction photos.

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Specs & Design

Check out our pre-construction guide, drawings with bowling lane dimensions, FAQs, storage ideas, floor-loading specs, electrical specs, and expert design tips. There's a lot of helpful stuff for architects, builders, and owners here.

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Simple Pricing

Check out the prices of our bowling alley equipment packages. We like to keep things easy and turn-key. And we publish the numbers for the world to see! Whether you're a movie star or a regular joe, you will get the same fair price.

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The Best Bowling Equipment

The product we provide is the real deal — regulation size, commercial-grade bowling alley equipment from the most reputable manufacturers, starting with Brunswick. The components that make up your home bowling alley will be equivalent to, and will often exceed, what you see in a modern, newly built, high-end public bowling center.

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"The entire process was enjoyable. The pre-install guide was very helpful to get the site ready. We designed the whole house around the bowling alley and the homeowners couldn’t be happier. Fusion Bowling is one of the easiest subcontractors to work with."
Matt Garcia
VP of Residential Development
Mike Garcia Construction
"I had never put a bowling alley in a house before, and so when I was looking for a company to provide that service, I met with Matt at Fusion Bowling. Matt and his team provided all the information that I would need and made sure that I knew every detail of what I needed to do to make sure the job went smooth, they made visits to the site and numerous phone calls to me to confirm all openings and placement of all sleeving needed for wiring and made the job a huge success and a very happy client. I highly recommend Fusion for anyone looking to have a bowling alley installed, for the simple fact that the attention to detail and the communication provided from Matt and his team made the job as simple as possible."
Greg Givans
Triton Builders, Inc.
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