Project Summary

A spacious, contemporary designed basement recreation room with a personalized two-lane bowling alley. Fusion Bowling salvaged and painstakingly restored the 60-year-old Brunswick Gold Crown masking unit by re-upholstering, re-painting, re-wiring, powder coating, and outfitting it with a custom designed circuit board that allows it to communicate with the modern pinsetter machines to display which pins are still standing. The side walls are covered in floor-to-ceiling night city skyline murals surrounded by LED accent lighting. The custom made bowling pins and guest bowling balls feature the homeowner's "H" monogram.

General Contractor

V. Patrick Gray Custom Homes

Southlake, Texas


Private Home
2 Lane
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What's the process? What are the steps involved in buying a bowling alley?

The answer to this question gets its own cute little flow chart on its own web page. See our Process page.

What's the lead time?

It takes about six months to get the equipment ordered, prepped, and ready to ship.

How long does it take to install a bowling alley?

A pair of lanes take about one week to install. Single lanes take about six days, and 4-lane projects take about  11 days.

When do you install the equipment?

The window of opportunity is after HVAC is up and running but before flooring is installed.

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