Project Summary

An elegant yet family-friendly bowling room with an eye-catching "BOWL" sign on the brick curtain wall in front of the pinsetter machines. This home near Atlanta, Georgia has a Valencia Teak lane color which is dark and dignified under white lights, but glows blue under UV black lights. The contractor constructed practical built-in shelving for bowling balls and slanted shelves for bowling shoes in the hallway next to the bowling alley.

General Contractor

The Dernehl Company

Kennesaw, Georgia

Brick House

Private Home
2 Lane
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What's the process? What are the steps involved in buying a bowling alley?

The answer to this question gets its own cute little flow chart on its own web page. See our Process page.

What's the lead time?

It takes about six months to get the equipment ordered, prepped, and ready to ship.

How long does it take to install a bowling alley?

A pair of lanes take about one week to install. Single lanes take about six days, and 4-lane projects take about  11 days.

When do you install the equipment?

The window of opportunity is after HVAC is up and running but before flooring is installed.

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