Bowling Alley Design Tips

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  1. Providing adequate space for installation, including preparing the foundation properly and having adequate ceiling height is critical. The bowling equipment has to be able to fit into the space properly. Construction modifications made after the fact can be costly.
  2. Consider which foundation configuration you will need. Keep in mind the finished elevation of the bowling lanes will be built up approximately 17 inches above whatever surface we work off of. Most people opt for a 17-inch deep recess, which results in a flush flooring transition.
  3. Access for bringing the equipment into the installation area is important. Ensure there is a 6-foot wide opening or doorway to allow the larger items to be brought inside. If there is a stairwell, elevator shaft, balcony, or other means of entrance, it is very important to consult with Fusion Bowling to determine the best method to use.
  4. Consider the possibility of having a themed room. It’s your bowling alley so make it unique! We can create custom made balls, pins, shoes, lanes, masking units, restored vintage components, etc.
  5. Don't forget to design storage for the guest bowling balls and bowling shoes. Consider having your trim carpenter construct built-in shelving, parallel rails, cubbie holes, lockers, or cabinetry.
  6. Use a lighting plan that will set the mood for the room. Use brighter lighting over the lanes, beyond the foul line, and softer lighting over the approach and seating area.
  7. Use "soft" finishes in the bowling room. This will help absorb the noisy echo of the pins banging inside the pinsetter machines, and make the room feel much more pleasant. Carpet, fabric-wrapped wall panels, and decorative acoustical ceiling baffles are better at cleaning sound than tile and sheetrock.
  8. Choose a location for the scoring displays. We will provide the appropriate product for mounting on walls, ceiling, soffits, suspension chain/truss system, etc. Be sure to install conduit for the signal cables and power wherever you decide to place the flat screens.
  9. We strongly discourage having a finished concrete flooring, such as epoxy coatings or stained concrete. The imperfections in the concrete slab will be accentuated next to the extremely flat and straight bowling lanes and approach. Anticipate having to apply self-leveling compound to fill in the low areas after the bowling lanes are installed.
  10. Don't forget to specify a flooring transition to cover the small gap along the perimeter of the approach after the bowling equipment is installed.
  11. Consider adding a half-wall or guard rail in areas that will receive a lot of foot traffic alongside the lanes.

If you need additional help designing your bowling alley, we are happy to offer complimentary plan review service. Just email us your preliminary plans, and we will provide our comments based on years of observing best practices. Email us at or call 904-701-2695 anytime.

In-home personal bowling alley with ceiling arches and chadeliers.
"The entire process was enjoyable. The pre-install guide was very helpful to get the site ready. We designed the whole house around the bowling alley and the homeowners couldn’t be happier. Fusion Bowling is one of the easiest subcontractors to work with."
Matt Garcia
VP of Residential Development
Mike Garcia Construction
"They were great to work with and professional. They knew their stuff and it showed in everything they did. The default monitor mounts were not right for my install, so they worked with our AV crew to determine what mount would be best and it worked great. Expect to have a great experience."
Jared Turner
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