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While all bowling alleys may appear similar, when you start checking "under the hood," you'll discover a wide degree of durability, functionality, and overall quality among different manufacturers and installers. Fusion Bowling hand-picks components that are most appropriate for private homes—our typical customers. The list below isn't exhaustive, but offers some highlights. We try to select products that are both user-friendly and have the highest level of reliability. This approach results in the best bowling alleys on the planet.

Best Bowling Manufacturer

There's a reason Fusion Bowling uses components from the world's best bowling alley equipment supplier. From standardization of the game to product innovation, Brunswick's reputation as the world's leading bowling manufacturer has been built over 125 years. We choose Brunswick because our customers value high-reliability, durability, and maximum fun!

Beautiful, Tough Lanes

Even though we specialize in projects in private residences, our lanes are Brunswick Anvilane™—the same extremely tough, high-performance, product you'll find in modern commercial bowling centers. We use a diamond embedded German-made circular saw blade (several hundred dollars apiece!) to cut this tough material, and leave it with a smooth edge.

Most Reliable Pinsetters

The pinsetter is the #1 most important part of any bowling alley. Unlike public bowling centers, our homeowner customers don't have a mechanic on staff, so pinsetter reliability is a huge factor. Brunswick's StringPin and GS-X™ models are the highest rated, most reliable machines in the bowling industry in their respective categories. We do NOT sell refurbished pinsetters or cheap, inferior knock-offs.

Cutting Edge Scoring

Brunswick SYNC™ is the bowling industry's first cloud-based scoring system. It's sleek and modern commercial-grade hardware can withstand high usage. Store individual bowler profiles and stats online, update operating software automatically, and communicate with technical support remotely, all via the Brunswick Cloud.

Commercial Monitors

Our scoring monitors are not TVs... They are technically known as commercial standalone signage displays, and they have higher quality components than traditional TVs. Sync video display controllers route the A/V signal to these stunning screens, projecting every frame of Sync content in crystal clear 1080p HD.

Beefy, Flat Underlayment

We use a heavy duty 1.5-inch thick premium strength laminated strand lumber (LSL). This type of material is used in applications where superior screw holding and dimensional stability is needed, such as in bowling lanes. These beefy panels are extremely flat, and weigh about 350 pounds apiece. We do not use MDF, particle board, or plywood, which do not deliver the long-term levelness or durability required in quality bowling lanes.

Premium Pins

The core of these pins are made from the finest kiln-dried hardwood maple. The lock-in anti-slide base enables easier pin fall and higher scores. The compression molded DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer resin shell is the same stuff used on golf balls — it maximizes bounce and durability.

Solid State Converter

Since 3-phase power isn't available for most single-family homes, we provide Phase Perfect® — a digital, solid-state phase converter that is much more energy efficient and quiet than traditional rotary phase converters.

Engineered Foundation

Our under-lane structure is built using Trus Joist® TJI® joists from Weyerhaeuser. These engineered products are straighter and stronger than the traditional dimension lumber often used in the industry. We use an extremely precise bridge level to get the joists to within 20,000ths of an inch tolerance.

Pro Mounting Brackets

We use a variety of professional monitor mounting brackets from Peerless and others, depending on the specific requirements of each unique bowling room: ceiling mounts, wall mounts, truss system, tilting, rotating, etc—the best product for whatever the situation calls for.

Heavy Duty Adhesive

Glue isn't exactly the most exciting part of bowling alley installation! But it's one more example of how we are OCD about every detail. Normal construction adhesive doesn't meet our standards. We go with Loctite® PL® Premium® polyurethane adhesive, which is three times stronger than similar products.

"Loving our newly constructed Fusion Bowling alley. From the initial discussion through procurement, construction, punch list and final orientation, Fusion and the Claxtons were nothing but professional. This all happened during pandemic related supply chain issues which they were completely honest about throughout the process. I highly recommend Fusion Bowling!"
Gerard Burdi
"Fusion Bowling provided an outstanding service for one of my most recent projects. Ryan, my contact at Fusion, is extremely knowledgeable from design to installation of the in-home bowling facility his company provided as part of my interior design project. I highly recommend Fusion Bowling for any level of in-home custom bowling design. I look forward to working with them again."
Michael Glazer
Regency Interior Design, LLC
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