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Our Equipment

While all bowling alleys may appear similar, when you start checking "under the hood," you'll discover a wide degree of durability, functionality, and overall quality among different manufacturers and installers. Fusion Bowling hand-picks components that are most appropriate for resort amenities and private homes—our typical customers. The list below isn't exhaustive, but offers some highlights. We try to select products that are both user-friendly and have the highest level of reliability. This approach results in the best bowling alleys on the planet.

Beautiful, Tough Lanes

Even though we specialize in projects in private residences, our lanes are Brunswick Anvilane™—the same extremely tough, high-performance, product you'll find in modern commercial bowling centers. We use a diamond embedded German-made circular saw blade (several hundred dollars apiece!) to cut this tough material, and leave it with a smooth edge. We use a machinist's fast-bubble level to get the cross-lane tolerance to between 20 and 40 thousandths of an inch!

Most Reliable Pinsetters

The pinsetter is the #1 most important part of any bowling alley. Unlike public bowling centers, our homeowner customers don't have a mechanic on staff, so pinsetter reliability is a huge factor. Brunswick's StringPin and GS-X™ models are the highest rated, most reliable machines in the bowling industry in their respective categories. We do NOT sell refurbished pinsetters or cheap, inferior knock-offs.

Cutting Edge Scoring System

Brunswick SYNC™ is the bowling industry's first cloud-based scoring system. Store individual bowler profiles and stats online, update operating software automatically, and communicate with technical support remotely, all via the Brunswick Cloud.

High-End Scoring Monitors

Our scoring monitors are not TVs... They are technically known as commercial standalone signage displays. Not only are their internal components better, but they wake up automatically with the bowling scoring system. This means, among other advantages, you don't need to search for a remote—one less step to start bowling.

Heavy Duty Lane Underlayment

We use Richwood's heavy duty 1.5" thick Timberstrand™ panels, which are a laminated strand lumber (LSL) material. These beefy panels are extremely flat, and weigh about 350 pounds apiece. We do not use MDF, particleboard, or plywood for our underlayment, which do not deliver the long-term levelness or durability required in quality bowling lanes.

Premium Pins

The core of these pins are made from the finest kiln-dried hardwood maple. The lock-in anti-slide base enables easier pin fall and higher scores. The compression molded DuPont™ Surlyn® ionomer resin shell maximizes bounce and durability.

Efficient Phase Converter

Since three-phase power isn't available to most single-family homes, we provide a digital, solid-state phase converter that is much more energy efficient and quiet than traditional rotary phase converters. It is installed in such a way that it powers up automatically with the pinsetters, eliminating steps and simplifying the process for the bowler.

Engineered Under-Lane Structure

Our under-lane structure is built using Trus Joist® TJI® joists from Weyerhaeuser. These engineered products are straighter and stronger than the traditional dimension lumber often used in the industry.

Professional Monitor Mounts

We use a variety of professional monitor mounting brackets from Peerless and others, depending on the specific requirements of each unique bowling room: ceiling mounts, wall mounts, truss system, tilting, rotating, etc—the best product for whatever the situation calls for.

Special Effects & UV Black Lights

Professional DJ and nightclub light fixtures from ADJ create cool ambiance or an exciting party atmosphere.

Construction Adhesive

Glue isn't exactly the most exciting part of bowling alley installation! But it's one more example of how we are OCD about every detail. Normal construction adhesive doesn't meet our standards. We go with Loctite® PL® Premium® polyurethane adhesive, which is three times stronger than similar products.

As a General Contractor and business owner, my reputation is at stake when it comes to the Sub Contractors that I choose & entrust to provide quality craftsmanship, products, & services for my clients. I contracted with Matt & his firm to install residential bowling lanes in a high-end home that I was building for a PGA Tour Golfer and personal friend. Not only were the lanes required to perform perfectly for the client & his family, but they had to exceed all expectations for specific design & function as this home was prominently featured in the "Street Of Dreams" Showcase of Homes. I can say that Matt definitely surpassed the highest of standards established for our project in terms of his level of professionalism, personal integrity, and the value of services that we received... and all while meeting the most time-restrictive deadline. I highly recommend Matt of Fusion Bowling as you'll find that he delivers an amazing quality-end product and possesses an incomparable knowledge of equipment technology, as well as the latest sought after design trends in residential bowling. Additionally, Matt has proven to be both reliable and (atypically) "available" to our clients in providing post-installation services & valuable resources.
Victoria Martoccia
Victoria Martoccia Custom Construction, Inc.
Fusion Bowling was hired by me for the installation of a private custom one-of-a-kind bowling lane. With their relationship with Brunswick – the only red light / red lane ever made – worth every dime. If you ever need a private bowling alley like I did, they get it done.
Lou Bermudez
Operations Manager
Young Money Entertainment