About Fusion Bowling

  • Fusion Bowling is the only company in the USA that focuses solely on home, amenity, and private bowling alley installations.
  • We have been selected by the bowling industry’s leading manufacturer, Brunswick, as its preferred partner for residential bowling projects.
  • Fusion Bowling is a small company, and we like it that way. Our small crew and production scale allows us to keep a tight rein on quality control.
  • We select each component of our bowling equipment packages with an eye toward high quality, reliability, and ease-of-use… it must be appropriate for the residential environment where a full-time bowling mechanic is not on duty.
  • We love making each project unique. Our customers appreciate our ability to customize their bowling alley to coordinate with their style, colors, lighting, and interior design.


Ryan Claxton

Ryan handles sales, and constantly searches for ways to create a more delightful experience for homeowners and builders by improving Fusion Bowling's processes. He graduated at the top of his class at the University of Florida with an engineering degree and later, an MBA. Ryan has worked for engineering firms and spent nearly a decade in multifamily real estate development before joining his brother to start Fusion Bowling. Philosophy: A commitment to “doing the right thing” is a commitment to short-term losses and long-term peace of mind. Ryan lives with his wife, two sons, and two poodles (Larry and Molly) in Nocatee, FL.

Matt Claxton

Matt Claxton

Matt oversees project management for each of Fusion Bowling's customers, and performs most of the pre-installation site coordination visits. He graduated with honors with a degree in Electronics Engineering. He has been building a wealth of knowledge in the bowling industry and installing bowling equipment since the late 1980s when his dad built a 20-lane bowling commercial bowling center. Matt’s desire to install things perfectly is almost OCD, and he enjoys a great reputation among folks in the bowling industry. His biggest thrill comes from watching customers smile when they see the finished work. Matt enjoys working on his landscaping with his family at his home in St Johns, FL.

Who are Fusion Bowling's customers?

  • Homeowners (executives, pro athletes, and folks who just love to bowl and entertain guests)
  • Corporate campuses, multifamily & resort developers, and organizations for whom a bowling alley amenity would supplement their broader strategy.
  • People who need only a small number of lanes (typically four or less). Around 90% of our customers request two lanes.
  • People who have a non-traditional vision about customization and need the “wow factor”. People for whom the bland, cookie-cutter style of traditional bowling centers is insufficient.
  • People who are not experts in the bowling equipment business: architects, builders, and property owners who need a company that will patiently walk them through the process. Very few of our customers have prior experience designing and buying a bowling alley. Thus, it’s par for the course to hold our customer’s hand and take the time to coordinate among subcontractors and designers.
  • People not willing to compromise… builders not willing to risk their reputation with a very demanding clientele, and property owners who want the best product and service possible, period.
Fusion bowling warehouse
"The installers were very professional and personal. We thoroughly enjoyed their interactions and the training they provided. Our install was in the basement which required special effort and some tricky maneuvers which the team handled seemingly effortlessly. Have confidence- once you select Fusion Bowling, the process will go smoothly and as advertised."
Dwight Muse
"Fusion Bowling installed a high end residential two lane bowling alley for my client and did a great job. They were a pleasure to deal with from start to finish. Timelines were changed caused by construction delays, but Fusion accommodated our client and was onsite when needed. I would highly recommend Fusion Bowling."
Joe Monello
Monello Landscape Industries
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