Stonehill Alley

Jasper, Arkansas

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A vacation home in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, designed to "get away from it all" while entertaining friends and family. The bowling room has a kitchenette and cocktail tables. The guest bowling balls are stored in built-in custom millwork with bowling shoe cubby holes. The custom Stonehill Alley logo is manufactured directly into the approach panels, the pins, the guest bowling balls, and the masking unit. The acoustics of the room are helped by fabric wrapped panels along the sides of the lanes.

General Contractor:
Tim Emerson Construction LLC
Deer, Arkansas
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Construction Photos

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"First of all the website was very well put together and instantly gave me confidence in their abilities as a company. Fusion Bowling is very thorough and provides needed valuable information. Fusion Bowling made the process easy. From the information packet provided for the contractor to the packages you could select. The entire experience was painless and smooth from start to finish. Don't hesitate. They know what they are doing. And don't be afraid to ask questions. They truly made the process enjoyable and easy for everyone involved. It's still hard to believe it was so simple. And the end result is wonderful and beautiful. The ease of use in operating the equipment was very refreshing too. We smile every time we walk in the room and feel like kids all over again. It has already proven to be a great family and friend activity. The memories have just begun and oh what fun they have been."
Brett Burch
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